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  • Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital
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Hashmet Wali and Associates, Inc. is a healthcare oriented architecture firm based in Houston, Texas. Founded in 2003, we have always offered our clients a full range of design services including everything from master planning and programming to design and project management. We strive to give our clients the highest level of personalized service possible and as a result many clients have returned with additional projects over and over again.
Advances in technology and turbulent economic times have come to dictate that most healthcare capital improvement projects be managed by professionals that are very experienced in dealing with these types of situations. Rising construction costs require a multi-step design process that includes the efficient and tight planning of available space, balanced with the functional requirements of each space and finished off with optimum materials selected to provide the best value for every construction dollar spent.
Our aim is to provide the most professional, personalized service for our clients; to produce specifically qualified technical design and high-level services; and to finish our projects with extremely satisfied clients.